E. Howard Boston, #10 Weight Driven Figure 8 Regulator Clock, Boston Mass, circa 1976.      This clock was one of the first in the series of Bicentennial Reissue Clocks by the E. Howard Clock Products Company in 1976.   The case and movement are numbered "133" for the 133rd  clock and the front plate of the movement is also die stamped "76" for the year 1976.   The eight day brass timepiece is signed by the maker with the identifiable makers die stamp in the upper left corner of the front plate.     On the backboard there is a single, rear fastened, center bolt attachment which secures the works to the case.      The case is solid Walnut, and has its original, first finish along with the desirable black, red, and gold original glasses.    The #10 size case is beautiful clock hanging on the wall and the 9" dial ( 7 " time track) is very easy to read from across the room.   The pendulum bob is original and and so is the gold invar plated pendulum rod.    The weight board is original and numbered and there is no damage to the bottom of the case from the weight.    The original tie down remains on the weight board, along with the retaining screw and plate.   Howard period details include the use of moon hands, and  the brass lever door latch.   The dial is original, and mounts with 4 screws (original) and there are no extra holes behind the dial.     The clock runs great and keeps perfect time.    The clock comes with it's original signed E. Howard winding crank, and a beautifully framed original certificate of authenticity from the company signed by Dana Blackwell.    This is a clock that you can enjoy for many years and with factory examples from the 1920's routinely bringing over $10,000 these days, this clock represents a real value.

Domestic Shipping and Insurance on this clock will be exact charges as computed at www.usps.com with 2 boxes shipped USPS Priority Mail with the weight and the pendulum bob will be removed and shipped separately.    Depending on where you live the cost could range from $ 50 - $ 125.   The clock is available for inspection and or pick up in Cranbury NJ, please email for more information:  info@adamsbrown.com